Melissa Atlas



April 12, 1991

Cooking/baking, hiking, working out, generally being outdoors

~10:00pm-6:00am weeknights


I'm an incoming first-year grad student, going to be doing a dual MBA/MSPH, but starting my first year in public health at Gillings. I'm pretty easygoing, clean, active, studious, and respectful. I like to exercise a lot and also cook a lot. I like to have fun, but I'm not a big party type, aside from the occasional going out. I much prefer low-key gatherings, like having people over for dinner and movies, or something along those lines. I'm looking for someone to go through the housing search with and to hopefully find a 2BR/2BA apartment. I'm most likely looking for an August 1st lease start date (or maybe slightly earlier). I'd also love to be in a place that has its own gym. I also want a decent kitchen since I like to cook (and bake) a lot -- and I like to share my baked goods, too! I'm probably looking for rent to be $500-800 per person. Message me here or at if you have any interest in figuring something out together.