First Year Female Grad Student Looking for Female Roommate

Posted by: Anna D   Last Updated: 1 year ago

I need a roommate to find a property.


I will be a first year grad student starting fall 2017 at UNC in the Masters of Health Administration program. I am currently looking for a female roommate to find an apartment/house with for the upcoming school term. I will not be ready to move in until mid August but am willing to sign a lease as early as August 1st if necessary. Ideal roommate would be a fellow grad/PhD student around my age (25-30 years) who is fun, easy-going and respectful. I went to UNC for undergrad and know a bit about the surrounding area when it comes to housing...I would prefer to live over on the Carrboro side of campus within biking/walking distance to the School of Public Health but am also open to checking out other areas of town! I consider myself clean and am considerate of others' space and property. I anticipate that my schedule will be pretty busy and I will want to come home to a quiet, relaxed apartment. My typical sleeping hours are about 10pm-6am with the weekends varying. I enjoy a relaxing night in watching Netflix and drinking wine or going out to the local breweries/bars and catching up with friends on the weekends. If I am MIA, you can most likely find me in my room napping during daylight hours. I love to cook, read, travel and stay fit by jogging. I know there are a lot of fellow grads out there looking for roommates for their housing options so if you think we might be a good fit please contact me so we can chat further!